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Dennis Bligen Kidney Foundation   A message from the Dennis Bligen Kidney Foundation Executive Committee

To All DBKF Supporters,

It is becoming increasingly clear that the world around us is facing major disruption. All of us are responding to the rapid spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impact it's having on our families, supporters and the most vulnerable members kidney patients. The DBKF will be sharing updates on how our continuity plans are evolving and what we need you to know. We understand that you may feel concerned at this time, therefore if you feel you need additional support, please reach out to us. The health and wellbeing of our family of supporters is our primary focus.

Once again, please know we are here to support you as we navigate these extraordinary times together. Most of all, we hope you and your families stay safe and healthy.

The Dennis Bligen Kidney Foundation Executive Committee
What is chronic kidney disease (CKD)?
How is Chronic Kidney Disease Detected?

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There is a constant shortage of donor organs in metropolitan areas such as New York City. Give the gift of life by becoming an organ donor.

In kidney transplants, the donors' remaining kidney strengthens to compensate for the kidney that he or she donated. Kidneys from a living donor have a better long-term survival than kidneys from a deceased donor.

Also, deceased kidney donation cannot meet the needs of all patients in this country who need a kidney transplant. The waiting time for a deceased kidney donation may be two to five years. Kidney donations from living donors have always been a better option. More recently, kidneys donated from unrelated living donors (such as a spouse or a friend) have been as successful as those from close relatives.


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The Dennis Bligen Kidney Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in honor of Dennis Bligen, who was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in 2002.
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